Yes, I do love me some color. But, honestly, there is just something so easy and classic about black and grey; it just works so well together (and did I mention it was just so easy?)! I guess that must be why it’s a popular NYC combo- everyone is in a NY minute here, so the easiest thing to do sometimes is just grab that absence of color and run out the house- and that’s OK!
city monochrome stripe1city monochrome stripe2After a couple of inches of snow on the ground from the day before, my husband and I thought we’d head on over to the upper east side for a nice little brunch at Bluestone Lane. While it is a small little place (it’s actually nestled in a small section of a church!) the food and drinks packed a lot of Australian OOMPH! I’ve been hearing a lot about Bluestone Lane lately, and almost everyone I speak to is making a stop to one of its multiple locations in NYC (note: they are in Philly, too!). We had avocado toast and a yogurt parfait as our meal (and let me tell you, their presentation is well-noted). Staff was super friendly, too, I must add; thank you, staff!!

bluestone lane avo-toastyogurt parfait bluestone lanebluestone lane upper east sidebluestone lane brunch nyc

After brunch, we thought we’d walk off our fill with a stroll through Central Park and continue to enjoy the beautiful day.  As we were right by the reservoir, we took a moment to stop and appreciate the beautiful cityscape; I even went as far as having a moment of gratitude. The clear blue skies, chirping birds, fresh blue water and crisp cool air transported me out of my being and out into the universe. As I saw the ducks swim in front of me and runners running behind, I had a Louis Armstrong moment: “and I think to myself / what a wonderful world.” Which, I need to point out, is an amazing feeling to experience when in the city because, well, sometimes the city can be overwhelming (even for a native like me!).  Needless to say, I came back into my being, whipped out my phone and snapped a photo to forever have and cherish.

city monochrome stripe nyccity monochrome stripe nyc central parkcity monochrome stripe nyc central park


Sweater (retired, see similar here and here)| Skirt (Zara) |  Coat (retired, see similar here and here) | Shoes (Zara) | Bag (Coach) |

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Stay Positive, Stay Confident

I will admit, the past couple of weeks have been very exhausting. Between work and everything else in between, it seems like it has just been non-stop. I’ve found that at times, like a normal human, you start to get down, focus all of the ‘wrong,’ and lose the reason why you do the things you do.

People with anxiety tend to always think in the future and look to the current situation as being caged in.

But here’s the thing, you’re not caged in. The current moment, the troubles and obstacles in your way right now aren’t forever– they’re temporary. Sure it’s hard when you’re going through it, but it’s important to realize that it’s in the present moment and that things will get better and work themselves out.

You need to stay positive. Breathe in the fresh air and let the frustrations out. It helps you regain yourself, it helps you understand that you *are* in control. Getting back your confidence is important and that’s what’s going to propel you to continue on through the difficult and take you to the better.

I welcome you to take a deep, long breath right now through your nose. C’mon, right now. Breathe in. Pause. Hold it for a couple of seconds. A couple more. Hold all of that bad mojo within you. And SLOWLY go ahead and start to RELEASE it on out through your nose. Slowly.

That feeling at the end, that’s positivity. That’s confidence. That’s you telling you that you’ve got this.

Girl, you’ve got this.


What I’m wearing:
Look 1:
Harlyn Zip Up Moto Jumpsuit c/o Tobi ; Layer On Me Lariat Necklace c/o Tobi ; Paradiso Oversized Sunglasses, Quay ; Booties, old, see similar here

Look 2:
Daydreams Wide Leg Jumpsuit c/o Tobi ; Material Girl Motto Jacket, old, see similar here ; Lace up sandals, old, see similar here ; fringe bag, old, see updated style here


Shop Now: Cute Spring Dresses!

I absolutely fell in love with some of the maxi dresses I saw during NYFW this past week, including some personal favorites from designers like Verdad and Leanne Marshall. All in all, the shows had me super excited for the spring season and had me searching for cute dresses every night!

Wedding season and those it’s-finally-sunny-let’s-do-an-outdoor-brunch gatherings are coming upon us soon, so be prepared by starting to look for outfits now, in a timely manner, and you will save yourself the rush and headaches later!

Below you will find some of my favorite picks that I found out in the digital world (I’ve already ordered a few! ;)). Look to infuse your wardrobes with some key fashion pieces you can wear throughout the spring and into the summer that will give your closet a little bit of a ‘pop’ and ‘romance.’  Happy shopping! :).