Ah, Sandro Paris. A brand that has been catching my eye with some of its pieces recently.  Now, to be honest, I had sticker shock when I first viewed their collection; but, in my recent learnings, sometimes you pay for those extra little details or that fabric that just feels, well, of a better quality. I’ve also had my fair share of clothing that starts to deteriorate after a second or third wash and I want a long-term relationship with my clothing these days. So, it was no surprise that when purchasing this Sandro dress (my first!), I had my mother at the back of my mind saying, “Loren, invest in your clothing.” Whether it meant this dress or not, I decided to give it a shot.  Continue reading for more behind this simple outfit and a Savannah, GA must-eat!

I’ve always been a little body conscious (but really, who isn’t?) and the little peep-holes around my waist made me feel a little exposed – but in a good way! It was something that I never thought I would wear, but when I tried it on, I just loved how it helped embrace my body with just the slightest of details. It also felt like I had a little secret – but it was one that everyone could see. We should embrace our bodies, yah? I have curves. I have certain assets. I’m not planning on going under the knife anytime soon, so why not love what you’ve got? Dressing up is way too much fun to care about every. single. thing. that. bothers. us.  Embrace, women! Embrace!

When I saw the dress online I loved how it looked and already had in my head countless ways to make this baby work: dressed up for a nice evening out, dressed down and used as a skater dress, tossed with white tennis shoes to keep it more casual, or more in the middle, like I did here, with just a pair of chunky heels and no added jewelry – just my hair up in a little braid crown with a red lip ;).

Speaking of lips, I always make sure to keep my lipstick of the day stashed in my purse for post drinking or eating – a woman’s got to reapply! And I sure had to after having a delicious meal at Collin’s Quarter. If you are ever in the Savannah, GA area, go.  It was recommended by friends in NYC, as well as those down in Savannah. The service was impeccable and their Hawaii Five-O (Ahi tuna, sushi rice, avocado, wasabi cream and tempura crunch) was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s.  It’s offered as an appetizer and, take it from me, order one for yourself and do not share. You will not want to share ;).

My husband ordered the Big Burger and I the Farmer’s Market, a grilled vegetable medley with fresh veggies straight from the, you guessed it, framer’s market (you smart cookie, you ;)).

After eating, we continued on exploring the city and all of its beauty.

Now, I love my heels as much as the next girl, but I have learned my lesson with heels many-a-times. First of all, make sure it has some sort of platform for support; this is actually the KEY to successful pain-free walking! You are putting all of your weight on the ball of your foot (all one-hundred-mumble-mumble of it!). You owe it to your feet to help out, so show them some support!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have tons of shoes that don’t have a real platform at the ball, but I do not go wearing them all day long, especially if I am walking around, exploring a new city. Which brings me to my second point: always carry a change of shoes with you. I get it, I want to wear my heels because, personally, they give me height and height for some reason gives me confidence, but I know when enough is enough. I’ve had way too many bloody blisters on my feet to not learn my lesson. With that said, I make sure to pack ballet flats with me (ladies, they even have the ones that fold so that they can slip right into your purse- no excuses)!  Now, if you forget them, then that’s a different story :). But these barIII shoes were so comfortable, left my ballet flats at home – rebel, I know ;).

All in all, I was very happy with my Sandro dress (already have worn it twice!) and cannot wait to wear it again (because what good are clothes if you can’t be versatile with them?), especially when they are more than what you usually invest in 😉

Thanks for following along! Leave a comment below, I would love to hear if this post helped you or if you have any similar stories/tips to share with me and other readers! 🙂 <3.


Dress: Sandro Paris, unavailable, but see these that I have on my wishlist!: Rayan DressRebbel Dress, Ricarda Dress, Rozo Dress (in red), Rozo Dress (in pink), Ryde Dress  |
Shoes: BarIII, unavailable, see inspired similar here and here

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Beaufort: Small City, Big History, Lots of Beauty

I like pushing the envelope. It’s just what my curiosity does to me. It’s a curse, perhaps at times, but when it comes to travel, however, I find it as a true blessing. It was no surprise, then, when planning my trip to Georgia that I wanted to squeeze in a day-trip to South Carolina. Now, I knew my days were tight, so I made sure to make this destination worth it. Cue in Beaufort, SC, a little city that opened my heart and mind through its history.

As a NYC resident, I wanted to explore more of a southern coastal city (can you blame me?)  and so when I saw Beaufort featured in the New York Times (and then after I booked my trip saw it featured in Southern Living and Vogue,) well, you know I just had to check what this city was all about.With a population of about 13,000 (and it being the second-oldest city in South Carolina), I must say, I felt pretty close to everyone I encountered and felt the history instantaneously upon my arrival.

I partnered with the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce to plan my trip and when I asked:
“What’s the best way to see the city?”
“Via a walking tour,” is what they non-hesitantly replied.

So, my husband and I got in the car, waved ‘bye’ to Savannah for the day and headed up north about 1.5 hours.

When we arrived to the visitor’s center in Beaufort, we were happily greeted and given recommendations of where to eat and what to check out. Never be shy about asking locals – they are the best source of information!

We started our day with lunch at Plums. Real talk: I have been having SO much delicious butter (and shrimp!) down south that I opted for a refreshing chicken salad – oh, and some oysters on the side, of course to change things up a little bit and give my body a bit of a break. As we entered the restaurant, we requested outdoor seating and were escorted to the back, right by the Waterfront Park, a wonderful spot for people-watching and seeing boats pass you by. Interestingly enough, every couple of minutes during our conversation, we’d have to stop talking because we had fighter jets fly over us; turns out, we were right near Parris Island, a Marine Corps Air Station. How cool, because you never see those jets flying around in NYC!

After lunch, we went on our walking tour of Beaufort where I walked amongst some of the most beautiful Antebellum houses I have ever seen, built on what used to be plantation fields and learned that they were used during the war. Today, many of the homes are residential and used for films! There were so many movie references while on the tour, I wish I was a big movie person to understand; but it was okay, I understood the history and, honestly, just walking along the streets filled with oak trees, Spanish moss, birds chirping, carriage steps and imaging myself back in the 1700s was just incredible.

Friends, look at the following photos and imagine yourself hearing horseshoes and standing in front of these beautiful homes while feeling the slight breeze on your cheek.  We walked around the city for about two to three hours. All worth it. So in love:

After our super informative tour, shopping was obviously next on the list. I sometimes wish I had a cute little beach home that I could decorate à la plage. But, who says that daydreaming is a bad thing?  Even if it’s to go inside and imagine the décor I’d put into my beach home, I have a wonderful time just strolling around, touching every piece of glass, opening up and flipping the pages of freshly printed coffee table books, and sniffing every candle my nose can handle.  At this point, my husband was outside sitting on a bench waiting for me as he turned to his phone and flipped through who-knows-what. Either way, I stayed inside the store and kept exploring. Scout Southern Market was such a great find! They have such wonderful things inside that are one-of-a-kind and I poo-poo on myself for not buying the beautiful blue & white porcelain dish I kept going back to!  Lucky for me, they deliver.  I’ll be adding that to my to-do list ;).

As we know, shopping works up an appetite (yes, yes it does, ladies ;)) and I was craving something sweet. I recalled the gelato sign we passed by earlier in the day and headed back to Common Ground Marketplace Café where I indulged in a wonderful lemon sorbet. As a lactose-intolerant soul, I highly appreciate when places that carry gelato also carry sorbet. It was the perfect treat after walking around for hours under the sun.

After our little snack, we sat by the Waterfront Park on its swings for a while and enjoyed the beautiful waterside view. We made our way through some more cute shops and pondered about how great our day was, how much we learned and which restaurant would be our last stop for dinner (we love to eat, don’t judge ;)).

We ended up crossing over a little bridge and (per a local’s strong recommendation- I mentioned I loved locals, ya?) headed on over to the Dockside Restaurant for dinner. I KNOW.  I know.  I said I wasn’t going to have any more shrimp. But… it was strongly recommended… and how could I not? ;).

As we finished up our dinner, we packed ourselves back into the car and headed back down to Georgia. Our day in Beaufort was as beautiful as its homes, its nature, its water, its friendly people and, most of all, its rooted history (for the history buffs, check more out here). In a city that I knew nothing about, I walked out knowing so much and banked the trip in my memory, so happy I fed my curious mind.



Dress: Revolve | Shoes: Nine West | Watch: Fossil | Sunglasses: Shein


2018: Goodbye NYC, Hello New Zealand!

…and I don’t mean it just as a vacation. Family & friends, it is with great excitement and joy that we share with you all that we are leaving everything we know about NYC behind and heading off on an adventure abroad for the year!

We are moving to New Zealand!!

There have been so many factors that played into our decision: one of them was attending a Tony Robbins seminar (that post coming next!), another was experiencing the beautiful culture in Denmark last summer (gosh, I love that bicycle life), and another was that, frankly, I have been left feeling a little uninspired by NYC lately. Nothing against the concrete jungle, but maybe that’s my problem: too much concrete.

I don’t know if I ever shared this, but there were two times in my life that I literally sobbed on the plane as we took off: once was when I wheeled up from France after studying abroad there (oh, the tears!), and second was when we left Denmark (how could I live without all the pastries and that bike life?!). I started noticing a pattern and it drew up a concern for me: why was I crying so hard? And what was it about those countries that made me want to stay forever?

In my efforts to understand myself, it was clear that those other places (and travel in general), always filled a void of unpredictability, new adventures and new customs/cultures. When I landed, it was like a game of strategy in which you must survive, learn the rules and get excited about all the different things happening around you. I know NYC is a giant melting pot, but having been born and raised here, it all has just started to feel and become a little, well, predictable. I already know we are all celebrating the fourth of July no matter what state in the country I am in. And while I love traveling around the country (the USA is beautiful), I am seeking something more.

It occured to me that in order for me to continue to grow, continue to be inspired and continue to love deeper, I need to get out. NYC, USA, it’s not you, it’s me; we need a break. You will always be my home, but I feel that distance will make the heart grow fonder. You give such great opportunities that I have yet to be thankful for. The opportunities are endless and you can be whoever you want to be; yet, I’m not grabbing anything by the horns.

So why New Zealand? Well, why the heck not?!