Coral Reefs and Beyond: Your Guide to Cairns

For our latest travel adventure, we ventured off to Australia and spent a good while at the Gold Coast; in an effort to continue chasing the sun and shed any extra layers needed, we decided to make our way up to Cairns.

Cairns is part of the The Tropical North in Northern Queensland, which boasts subtropical weather year-round (with an average temperature of 84°F/29°C)– yes, please! I learn more and more each day that I am so much more of a warm-weather kind of gal. Additionally, my husband was like: “There’s no way I’m going to Australia and not going to the coral reefs,” so I guess us going up worked out pretty well!

We grabbed an early 6AM flight from the Gold Coast Airport and, two hours later, found ourselves in sunny Cairns. I must mention that we flew JetStar and, though it was the first time I used them, it was quite possibly the nicest budget airline I have ever been on; so, if you find a sale with them down around here, go on and grab a fare!

We spent about a week taking in the sun’s rays, fulfilling our need of relaxation, while injecting some fun activities, too. I’ve listed out our little excursions and what I would recommend; take a gander and let your travels lead way to memorable treasures! Read more