Layers & Brunch


After a crazy blizzard in NYC last week that yielded in about 25″ of snow (*does some elementary school math*), which amounts to just about 2 feet (yay, me!), the ice still hasn’t completely melted here, but the weather did warm up a bit. So, when getting dressed to meet up with a few fabulous people for brunch on Saturday, I opted to layer up instead of wearing a heavy down-alternative coat because, well, I felt like I would have melted faster than the snow itself. *chuckles* Read more


Cozy in a Knit


I’ll admit, sweater shopping is a little difficult for me sometimes; there are certain, er, assets that just don’t make the process easy at all. For example, due to curvy hips, it’s difficult to find a pull-over sweater that won’t stretch to infinity at the hips and then bulk me up at the waist (extra space for boxes of munchkins on each side, I feel!). So, you can only image my happiness when I found this super cozy “curved” sweater! Read more


crop top & pleats


I can still remember being at Macy’s and holding the crop top in my hand thinking “Nope, still not feeling it,” but something inside said ‘give it a chance’ and so off to the register I went and brought it home. I tried it on and thought ‘boy, I really need to hit the gym,” but reminded myself that things in life are worth trying for and I have to live for the now instead of the future. So I ripped the price tag off and paired the top away. Read more


lace crochet romper



You know how you’ve been meaning to do something and years pass and you never get to it?  Well, that was me with visiting Providence, Rhode Island.  When our friends mentioned they were traveling there for the weekend, well, we just had to go- the time had come! So we packed our things and headed up northeast. Three and a half hours later, we found ourselves in Providence. Read more