I feel like as I get older, I am losing out on some opportunities.  Blame it on my cowardliness.  Blame it on me being brought up to never step out of line.  Blame it on me being afraid of looking ‘dumb’ or not being ‘perfect.’  Or maybe it’s just being afraid of what others may ‘say’ or ‘think.’

That’s where this blog comes in.  In 2014, I had a scare that showed me that everything I had been suppressing for so many years was finally taking over my health, both physically and mentally.  Little by little I have started to ‘find myself’ and to let myself ‘live.’  I am learning to ‘let go’ and not be afraid of what others may think.  The product?  Being brave.  The true benefit?  Being enlightened by this newfound bravery.

This blog is a record I am keeping for myself to track who I am, who I am becoming, and my real-life enlightenments.  Whether they be in the kitchen, on my commute to work, or an activity I decided to do that I would never do before, I will be finding myself.  Join me on my adventure and, who knows, maybe in a few posts about my life and journey, it can help find yourself, too.


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