About Me

My High5Test results (a test that determines your top 5, natural strengths) said that my number one strength was storytelling. My second was empathizer, followed by communication, then deliverer and, finally, learner. Those words perfectly encapsulate me and who I am.

I started Enlightened by Bravery back in 2014 after having suffered my first panic attack (due to societal and internal pressures over the years) that left me afraid to leave my home for two weeks and left me scared of the world thereafter. But, I knew something had to change. So, instead of running away from my fears, I ran towards them– literally signing up for a 4-mile race there soon after and starting this blog to document my learnings.

It was clear to me that it was OK to not have everything figured out, that soul-searching has no age limit, to keep playing and exploring, to keep having moments in life that scare you, to keep having moments in life that excite you, to always stay curious and choose to grow. And to reflect. Change course if need be, but always do it for you.

Yes, life like this has opened me up so much more and in experiencing these things, I share it in the art form of blogging, because it may help inspire someone else to see it in a similar light, too/encourage them to create the beauty that they were meant to create and share it to further connect us all in the beautiful world of humanity.

I hope in a few posts about me and my adventures, I can encourage you to choose ‘bravery,’ because you never know how you may enlighten yourself.



  1. Brisely

    I love this, so cute! I wish you the best of luck!!!! You will always have our support!

    1. Loren

      Hi Brisely! Aw, thank you so, so very much for your kind, sweet words! Your support means the world to me. <3 xoxo

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