The kitchen is one of my most favorite places to be! It’s where I get to be creative and express myself, all while making meals that bring smiles to my friends and family!

Whenever I shop for something, I always make sure to research the most of it and compare to what I’m considering on purchasing. As such, I’m proud of the products found in my kitchen as they are of quality and I absolutely love them!

With that being said, I’ve gathered my most favorite things I have in my own kitchen and would definitely recommend. You can find these things below!

Bookmark this page if you are shopping for your own kitchen or are looking for a gift for someone else as I’ll be sure to update this as I add things to my own kitchen / find some great items as part of my own wishlist!

Happy Shopping!


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not only does this dutch oven heat quickly, the flavours just deepen even more as you cook!
love the special modes on this blender (like the smoothie one) that resists heat production so your drink stays cool!
my food processor is a decade old and has been amazing in making hummus! shallow and makes scooping out easy.
this squeezer is my #1 tool in the kitchen. no more cramping hands trying to squeeze citrus!
absolutely love this zester for being easy to grip and easy to clean!
immersion blender for when you don’t want to pull out the blender – makes making soups right in the pot a breeze!
this frother will not only froth your milks warm, but has a feature to froth cool, perfect for iced drinks in summer!
glass jars for homemade fresh juices or plant-based mylks!
stasher silicone bags keep in the fridge/freezer and are dishwasher safe! great for traveling, too!
stasher small silicone bags keep in the fridge/freezer and are dishwasher safe! great for traveling, too!
stainless steel pizza cutter that makes slicing things like pizzas and pies a breeze! I also use it for brownies :).
no more hard scooping! This ice cream scooper has a liquid inside that softens ice cream when in contact, making scooping easier!
using non-stick pans? protect them by using a silicone tipped tong! no scratching non-stick here!
a wonderful stand mixer that comes in cluth when making meringues among many things! available in so many fun colors!
i use this scraper to cut small things on, as well use as a scraper for when chopping up food on my cutting board!
measuring spoons that are easy to clean and stainless steel ensures they last a while compared to plastic!
large cutting board that doubles as a trivet when I’m in a pinch! lightweight and easy to clean!
induction cooktop for when i don’t want to stand over the stove / when i want to boil a pot of water much quicker! also, it’s portable!