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After traveling non-stop for four months (read: at least 4 flights per week, countless hours in the car and 8 hotels a month), I’ve come to pinpoint items that really make traveling more comfortable, easier and luxurious (because yes! we all deserve to feel luxurious!). Whether a gift for someone on your list (or yourself!), I hope you find the curated, narrowed items below helpful! :).

Eberjey Long PJs

There’s nothing quite like slipping into butter-soft pajamas after a long day and these Eberjey Pajamas are just it. I prefer long pajamas because I keep my thermostat set at 69F and don’t have to worry about being cool and staying cozy warm at the same time. The trim details on this set make it timeless and classic. Add a monogram or name on the pocket for that extra, thoughtful touch!

I love this pliage backpack because it folds so compact (great for travel) and, when you set off to explore a new city, just pop it up and off you go.
block out the lights when the person sitting in the window seat doesn’t choose to close the window, a neighbor’s reading light is on, or you accidentally booked a room with no black-out curtains! it also just feels so luxurious on your eyes :).
a light cashmere sweater gives you that warmth without the bulk! (both on you and in the luggage!).

Hydroflask Water Bottle

Bottled water at the airort is overpriced! Get to the airport with this bottle empty, pass security, then fill it up at any of the multiple water stations throughout the airport! And when you get on the plane? You don’t have to wait to hydrate yourself until beverage services start once you reach 36,000 feet in the air! Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle. (Psst: you can also use this for ice cold water at the beach or a hot tea on that snowmobiling excursion!).

hairdryer and brush in one makes this perfect for not worrying about the power of the hairdryer at the hotel (it also works great for touchups when you land at the airport!).
between your computer cord, your phone cords, your camera cords, batteries, etc. things are going to get messy. this bag is long, not wide, and perfect for keeping things all in one place.
save time (and sanity) by putting your cosmetics, medicine, etc. in clear pouches; no more rummaging into dark bags and spending time finding that ‘thing’ that you ‘know is in here somewhere!’

Summer Friday Jetlag Mask

This mask helps give me back that moisture I’ve lost while waking up early, catching that flight, and traveling to the hotel. I also love putting this on after a shower to help with any tightness my face may be feeling from the hard water some hotels may have!

maybe it’s the fashionista side of me, but if I get a booboo, I want to sport a cool bandaid. this travel set is perfect for those ‘oops’ moments.
if you’re traveling with a more accident prone, err, *more daring group, consider getting the bigger size šŸ˜‰
flying -heck, travel!- dehydrates you; control the number of times you run to the loo with electrolytes (or replenish for those crazy nights out ;)).

Silk Pillowcase

I never used to worry about these, but now I do: the amount of frizz I wake up and how a regular pillow pulls at my face at night for many hours, stretching my skin (especially around my eyes) that can lead to premature wrinkles. Well, this helps solve both. Plus, it’s a little more luxe – why not? :).

always carry an umbrella; not only for the rain, but also for the sun (this one is rated for both!) I couldn’t handle the tiny, tiny pocket ones that kept breaking and got me wet; this one has lasted me a long time and it’s always in my bag.
my running shoes always make the cut. great for running at the hotel’s gym or outdoors, exploring a new neighborhood.
hotel key, phone, ID and cash/card? check, check, check and check! meet you at the mile mark!

Align Leggings

I love my align pants (I always travel with a few); great for workouts, a random hike, or long travel. The buttery soft material makes me feel comfortable, no matter the activity. (And I especially love the high-waist!).


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