In Review: My Favourite Chanel Makeup


Summer and its heat has finally arrived and it’s that time of the year again when my makeup goes to minimal (no one likes a raccoon at the beach or a clown strawberry-picking, am I right?)

I’ll do a post on my favorite can’t-be-without drugstore brands soon on the blog, but for today, I wanted to share a post on my picks for a simplified go-to summer all year-round look using a higher-end makeup brand: Chanel.

Now, I’ve always thought of Chanel as just a sophisticated brand with great luxurious marketing, a hefty price tag, and it being a not-really-for-me-but-older-customer brand. However, since taking a leap of curiosity and trying out their products within the past year, I can honestly say that they really do give you a sophisticated look and help enhance your features – at any age.

While they are on the higher-priced side of the makeup scale, I have come to find that their quality is great and the longevity of the product is just as amazing.  Now, I’m no professional in the makeup-application department (#truth), so I rarely use much of it and I’m convinced that I don’t apply it as I should, but I think the richness of the colors gets me by and the end result is a truly clean, sophisticated look. #winning


All of the products I mention in this post have lasted me about a year now! Except for the eyeliner. The eyeliner went fast (but that’s because it’s just so creamy & bold to not want to use every day!).

Okay, so off we go to the reviews!

  1. Baked to a wonderful little mound, this powdered blush (in 55 In Love) brightens and wakes my face with just a few strokes of the brush. I love this color because it compliments my skin tone very well and if I mistakenly put too much of it, I won’t look like a terrible clown (oh, it’s happened before)! The brush that it comes with is nice on-the-go, but when at home, I would much prefer to use my Sephora blush brush – greater reach, fewer strokes.Light, sophisticated and always my quick-fix: A+
    final_DSC_0932 copy
  2. The Luminous Eyeshadow (in 90 Mirage), for me, has to be one of the easiest I’ve ever had to put on (look ma’, one finger!). One quick swipe on the lids and you get instant fun! The best part is that it will last you all night long! It comes with a cute little brush, but I prefer to be a little hands-on (no pun intended ;)).A little goes a long way, the shimmer is ideal and it’s easy to use: A+
  3. One of the things that I actually thank my mom for introducing me to is their Ultra Wear Lip Color (I’m using it in 52 Pink Twist below). It is just heavenly! It comes as a duo: one side is the color and the other the gloss! The color truly lasts all day and the gloss gives it just the hint of shine it needs to stand out without becoming overwhelming. I have it in a few colors. The Coral Crush is just perfect for the summer time tan ;).Quick, long-lasting and wide variety of colors: A
    Application Tip: Put on the color, let it dry and then put on the gloss!
  4. As for the eyeliner, mmm, so smooth & creamy! Their Long-Lasting Eyeliner – Waterproof (in 88 Noir) is their newest addition, making it the darkest of their eyeliners yet.  It comes with a little shaping sharpener at the end, which is super helpful for those lines you want to get exact, and isn’t a true pencil in the sense that you need to sharpen like a traditional one!  Just a twist at the wrist is all you need! If I’m heading out somewhere special and want a little more ‘bam’ I may put on the eyeliner, otherwise, I stick to just the mascara!Twist up, rich color, long-lasting, waterproof: A+
  5. Le Volume de Chanel Mascara (in 10 Noir) probably has to be one of the most magical mascaras I have ever tried (and I have tried so many)!  The brush works perfectly with my lashes, giving it a chic level volume and fullness! I have just the sample-size of this one, but I’ll be getting the full-size of this baby soon! Forgot to take a picture when doing the ‘scara, but you know how that goes ;).Great reach, enhances volume & length of lashes, goes high without curler: A+

Et voila! The look is fast and complete.final_DSC_1853 copy

If you have any Chanel products that you use I would love to hear about them and your in the comments below!

Otherwise, thanks for stopping by and happy makeup-ing 🙂

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