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You know how you’ve been meaning to do something and years pass and you never get to it?  Well, that was me with visiting Providence, Rhode Island.  When our friends mentioned they were traveling there for the weekend, well, we just had to go- the time had come! So we packed our things and headed up northeast. Three and a half hours later, we found ourselves in Providence. Read more


Floral Skirt & Street Art

I always love heading back to my hometown in Brooklyn. It is changing so rapidly, but I stay excited when I see things that remain constant (like the graffiti) because it reminds me of my childhood & what I grew up seeing every day. I was back there to see my dad and celebrate his birthday, so I picked up some balloons along the way to surprise him (I’ve come a long way with these balloons and nothing says ‘birthday’ quite like balloons do, right? Right) :).

I was actually in such a rush to get ready that morning (can you tell from the crazy hair?) that I quickly picked out one of my favorite floral skirts from Zara (the cut on it is so flattering!) and paired it with a black top.  The top was actually a long-line side-split shirt (I had to make it work, I was running late!), so I unbuttoned some of the bottom buttons up front, tied it up into two knots and tucked the long tail in the back into my skirt.  I tossed on some nude shoes and voilà – done.

Needless to say, it was a wonderful evening filled with laughter and smiles :).  See more outfit info down below!


floral skirt

green balloons Read more