Enjoying the Ease, Painting a Memory at Port Jefferson, Long Island

Ah, ease.

I’ve been feeling a bit more appreciative and less anxious these past couple of days – and it feels amazing.  A lot of hard work has been (and is still) put in and the benefits have just been that much more rewarding.

Part of me staying at ease has been me trying to be around nature as much as I can (walking in parks, sitting outside in our little garden, etc.); it has a mysterious way of snapping me out of societal ‘pressures’ and bringing me back to the roots of ‘life’, making me really appreciate the air we breathe and the natural, non-obtrusive beauty this world beholds.  Living and working in NYC (or any other big city at that) makes ‘being one with nature’ a little more challenging.  Sadly, sometimes the next best thing to an escape that I can get to around here is standing next to a tree on the busy streets- and that’s if I can find one!  It becomes even more of a challenge considering we only get summer weather that all but a few weeks out here!

So in honor of inching a little closer to ‘nature’ and appreciating it with a much calmer mind, my husband and I set off for the day to Port Jefferson, Long Island.  It was actually half a day, but I was determined to use all of my senses and really live in the moment.

Now, I think the last time I was at Port Jefferson was about two or three years ago.  I can’t really even recall what I did out there because I took it for granted.

But that wasn’t going to happen this time.  I made sure to make my visit a memorable one and not let it be another blur, especially since I feel like I went out there with a ‘new pair of eyes’ and a, truly, ‘open mind’.

This is rather a short post, but one nonetheless because I wanted to record this.  I didn’t know exactly where we would eat, the shops we would visit, nor the water I would see.  All I had planned, to be honest, was to maybe sit in a park and paint.  Yes, paint.  It’s something that I just recently starting picking back up again (I’m not a professional, but I will go more into that in a future post!).  But point is, my day was somewhat unknown.. and I was okay with that.

As I entered the car and sat in tons of traffic (*eep*) I actually didn’t mind it so much.  Yes, I wasn’t moving as fast as I wanted to, but it was a challenge and it was one that reminded me to enjoy what was around me and observe those around me.  It’s crazy that after my panic attack last summer I would panic about being in a car because I felt ‘trapped’.  So it was a milestone, in my books, to sit in traffic and be OK with it.  It does drum up some nerves, but better some than many!

When we arrived, we parked the car and started walking around.  It was actually quite fun!  There was a cute little place holding karaoke outdoors, a hot sauce shop that made you sign a waiver for any sauce in the glass case (crazy!), and tons of smiles all around.  We ended up getting lobster rolls (win!), Italian ices (double win!), swung by the pier (triple win!), and then found a spot near the water where I planted myself and started to paint (amazing).

Here are some shots from our day out:



I brought a little easel , a blank canvas, and paint (primary colors + black and white) :). Oh, and 3 brushes, too. And with that, I planted my self down and was off to work! Only, it wasn’t work; it was a release and a way to really observe what’s around me. I took it all in and didn’t worry about ‘perfection’. I just enjoyed the cool breeze, the splashing water, and my eagerness to mix some colors!



The way I was sitting and painting wasn’t ideal -not to mention all of the little gnats flying around and climbing on my arms, legs, and hair!- but it didn’t matter. For some reason, I didn’t freak out about the bugs; I ignored that and just continued being in my focused, happy mindset.



Hey! Don’t laugh at my painting ;). But if you do, it’s okay; I’m not a professional! I could use some help in the perspective department for sure (ha!), but I just had such a tranquil and ‘me’ moment while doing it, I didn’t really care how the painting would turn out!

All in All:
It was a wonderful day and, as I saw the sunset, I counted my blessings and enjoyed the rest of the night.  Because isn’t that what’s important?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t really get to see this view every day!  I was so happy I went out and painted a scene that I usually don’t see, because it was a souvenir I didn’t buy, but rather, ended up gifting myself.  Now it sits in my house and every time I see it I smile :).



At the end of the day, I walked away with a happy feelings, crazy windy beach hair, a tummy full of yummy seafood, a painting to remind me of this short, but wonderful day, and a memory that will last for a very long time. Last time I was at Port Jefferson was in 2014; it’s what I will now remember, definitely won’t be a blur.

I hope you are out there enjoying the rest of your summer and truly taking the time to enjoy your surroundings and noticing how it makes you feel!

The day had come.  And the sun had set.  And all that was left was a memory your senses had built for you; treasure it – it’s unique.  You will never relive that same day with the same circumstances.  Enjoy the present and keeping making presents, in the form of memories, while you’re at it.

Stay brave,

P.S.: If you are in the general NYC area and are craving a lobster roll, below is an article to help you find one near you!  Summer’s almost over, so try to get one soon!  I know I will ;).