2015 New Year On-Going Goal: Live, Be Happy & Accept

Happy New Year, Everyone!  I’m back in the blogosphere!

2014 came to a nice close filled with lots of family & events. I apologize for not posting about it, but no fear, I will in the upcoming weeks! For today, though, I just wanted to share my 2015 vision: continue to live by being happy and accepting what comes my way.

Learning to Live Today:
With every passing year, it’s becoming clearer to me that no two days will ever have the same environment nor experience. And, with each passing year, I see clearer that life around me (not only mine, but my family/friends’, too) is changing.  There are weddings, babies, losing loved ones, moving to a new neighborhood, sickness, etc. etc. Which is natural, because it’s all part of life, right? Right.

So with all of this change and the opportunity to live in the moment, why shouldn’t we just live in the moment? We all may have a vision of the perfect way things should go in our heads, but when they don’t go as we have planned them to, we get frustrated and it’s at that moment that we don’t truly live and enjoy ourselves; we aren’t allowing ourselves to be happy.

We shouldn’t try to just live when things are up to our ‘perfect’ standards.  Why should we wait for the stars to align to finally let go and be happy?  Will I really finally enjoy myself at the pool when I’m 15 lbs. lighter?  Will I really wait years to finally host a dinner because I can’t afford that big house I’ve been dreaming of right now? Or will I just take what I’m given, live in that moment and make amazing memories today that will last a lifetime?

Every year in January, I found myself making a list of what I wanted to do/accomplish for that year. And every year in December, I found myself wondering why I didn’t accomplish all that I set out to do. Womp, womp, womp. Enter Loren, the failure.

So, for 2014, I decided to try something different: have no true list of what I want to accomplish in the new year. And guess what?  My 2015 is going to sing a similar tune.

For 2015, I will not put pressures on myself; instead, I will just live and let go.

My continuing goal and outlook for this year is to enjoy every moment to the best of my ability and do things that make me happy. Let things come to you when they do, for everything has a time and place.  The universe presents us with opportunities and obstacles.  For growth and more growth.  And if you do choose to do something, be absolutely passionate about what you do then and there.

The Point Is:
Don’t overwhelm yourself with a list of things you must accomplish this year and then think you are a failure for not learning how to swim, becoming fluent in a new language, or going back to grad school.  Let it all come organically and let it guide you to who you, subconsciously, want to be.

The person you are in January 2015 is not the same person in September of 2015.  We are ever-changing and life continues to shape us, daily.  So don’t try to build Rome in one day by planning out your whole year in one month.

Give yourself a break, be free, be happy and just enjoy. Cherish your health, cherish your laughter, cherish your family & friends.  Cherish your home.  Cherish your ability to live.  Cherish yourself daily.

This 2015, I will set out to further better myself by accepting and being happy.  No matter what comes my way, I will approach it genuinely, organically and me.

Best Wishes,