I Meditated and Journaled for 30 Days and THIS Happened

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Right off the bat, the fact that I meditated and journaled for 30 consecutive days was just a big eye-opener for myself. If you read my previous post, then you’ll know why I started to meditate and journal for 30 days. I won’t lead in with a long intro on here and get straight to the point, but I hope that my own findings help inspire your own journey :).

What Happened After I Meditated And Journaled For 30 Days?

I got a major boost in self-confidence and self-belief! I learned to appreciate and love myself by understanding how I thought. Here are my main 4 things broken down a bit further:

I Proved To Myself That I Could Increase My Discipline

Firstly, I saw that I was able to choose something (meditate and journal) and stay disciplined with it for at least 30 days. I showed up for myself every single day (even when it felt hard and I was not motivated) and that made me love myself even more. It showed me that I was pushing through for something that I felt was worth it: my well being. Though it may have seemed small, every time I meditated and journaled, it brought me closer to my bigger goals. And it made me think: if I could be disciplined about this every day, then I could be discplined about working out at least 4-5x a week, staying on track with my reading goal, drinking enough water and updating my blog. I saw first hand that if you get serious about one area of your life, other areas start to fall into place. The only way to get to those big, overarching goals is by practicing something to achieve it daily/one step at a time. For some extra inspiration, here’s a list of great quotes on discipline — I have so many favorites!

I Communicated With Myself More Clearly

Secondly, I learned to approach situations in a more calm and focused manner. By practicing to be present every day for at least ten minutes a day, I grew to really feel with all of my senses what was happening in that moment. Right after I meditated, I allowed myself to journal, which allowed me to succinctly write down what I was feeling and put me in the habit of expressing myself with a clearer mind. It was a perfect pairing. And I started to see how my practice was coming to life during the course of my days throughout, you know, life. When certain situations would arise where I would normally get a bit anxious, I noticed that I was now able to stay more calm and think through things in a focused, level-headed manner. My internal dialogue was clearer — a definite plus in my books!

I Discovered What Makes Me Happy And How To Navigate Confrontation

Thirdly, I learned about all the basic things that make me happy and confronted things that maybe held me back. Hear me out: when you meditate, you start to strip away a lot of the clutter in your mind and start to get down to the basics. It isn’t always easy (that’s why they say meditation is a practice ;)), but when I did meditations (guided ones, especially), questions were asked of me: what sounds do you hear? what’s holding you back? who’s voice are you answering to? can you form an even better relationship with fear? I got really closer to the root every time I meditated because I allowed myself the time and space to be present in these asks.

Paired with journaling, I was able to express over the course of a month the basic things that make me happy and confront certain things within myself that previously held me back. In summary, I’m going to be doing more of those “happy” things I identified for myself and will confront those harder things and make decisions in a more a calm, focused manner.

I Finally Saw My Power And Strength

Lastly, it became so clear to me that all of the strength and power I need to accomplish all that I wish is all inside of me. It always has been. And it always will be. For that, I grew even more grateful and patient. Grateful for all of the things around me and all of the things within me. Patient because, just as my practice was something I took one day at a time and grew from just as fast, I realized that other facets of my life followed suite. As long as I stayed patient and grateful, I found that the power to achieve what I always wanted to was in my temple — in me. And I could access and harness that power whenever I wanted to. Especially through something as precious meditating and journaling. It’s a little hard to describe, but I wish that everyone who embarks on a similar journey sees this power and strength within themselves, too.

I am so happy that I meditated and journaled. It was a beautiful journey and one that I am continuing to do, even after the one-month challenge goal! It’s become a part of my morning routine and I still learn more about myself every day.


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