Tony Robbins UPW: I walked on fire– literally.

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 – – part 2/3 – –

If you read the previous post about who Tony Robbins is and how his Unleash the Power Within seminar came into my life, then you’re all caught up for this next post that goes into what I experienced — and what you would, too, if you go!

The seminar is about four days in length at around thirteen hours on average per day.

Day one of registration was filled with a super long line outside of the Prudential Center. Hundreds of people all ready to get inside and start. I remember walking in, passing security and seeing everyone high-five each other left and right as I made my way over to the check-in table. As I signed in, the volunteer handed me my packet filled with Tony’s latest book, a workbook and some goodies. As soon as he let go of the bag —I will never forget this— he smiled at me and said:

“Great! You’re all set! Now walk through those doors and make a right. Oh, and remember, as soon as you walk through those doors, life will never be the same again.”

I looked at him puzzled, but thanked him, smiling back and proceeded to walk through the door. They asked me to grab a button that would set the intention for the day. Amongst a whole wall of pins, I knew which one stood out to me the most: brave. I grabbed it and proceeded to find a seat.

And there I was, walking into the Prudential Center arena, to join 39,999 other people from around the world (42 different countries represented) for an event I don’t think many expected. Seats were all getting filled quickly. Music started to blast like it was a club. “Where am I? What am I doing here, alone?” is what I thought; I found my way to a seat and gave out a giant “GULP.” Here we go.

As the program started, it was HIGH energy. What do I mean? Well, you were told to get your butt off the chair, to start dancing and jumping to the BLASTING music and to smile like you’ve never smiled before. While I was there alone, and didn’t know anyone else, my dance wasn’t as much. But, man, you know when your favorite song comes on and you just can’t help but shake what your momma’ gave you? Well, yeah, that happened. Great job DJ!

You were asked to shake the building. To massage the person to your left and then let them give you a little back rub, too. I mean, what? All boundaries were just instantly removed and, long story short, I found myself with some new friends pretty quickly. I legit felt like I was at a club and the music was blasting like there was no tomorrow. I noticed some aromatherapy scents coming through the ventilation system and when I looked at my watch, there I was, partying like I was in Cabo on a Saturday night… only it was Thursday, 10AM.

Tony finally came out and, WOW, the energy of the room totally went up a hundred notches (didn’t even know that was possible). And there he was. The man who was going to change my life with a program he made and has been delivering around the world for years. Well, let me tell you, the man has a presence. I was seated SO far away, but, somehow, I felt SO close and connected.

The next thirteen hours were filled with Tony asking you some simple questions about your life, asking you to reflect. He made you think– hard. He not once drank a sip of water. He not once went for a bathroom break. He was on stage the whole time. This man was dedicated to you and making sure you walked away unleashing your power within.

Without giving away too much, he asked us to think about a problem in our life and to really see how that made us feel. Then took us on an exercise where he said, “You see how that has limited you? The things it has kept you from? Now fast forward. If you continue thinking that this is a problem you will never overcome, what will it steal from your life in five years? ten years? twenty? forty?” Needless to say, the pain was so intense thinking that something (whatever that something may be in your life) could stop you from living your best life ever. And then, at one point, we all overcame it. All 40,000 people in that arena just burst in screams of freedom. And just like that, the limiting belief we had was gone. It’s very hard to explain, but it was absolutely beautiful. After that moment, the music came on SUPER loud and we dance-partied for the next ten songs. Ah-mazing. All the happy endorphins you could ever imagine.

And then, at around midnight, just when I thought I was home free, Tony said something that made me GULP all over again: the fire walk.

He showed us a video of the coals being burnt throughout the day and of people laying them down in the form of a walkway. He told us that we didn’t need to walk over them and that if we were going to complain about the possibility of getting burned, then to please not go for it. It was OK if we didn’t want to do it, but he really believed we could do it. The next hour was us getting hyped for the firewalk. Next thing I knew, we kicked off our shoes and 40,000 people, all barefoot, walked out of the Prudential Center to the parking lot ready to conquer what we thought was the impossible.

I remembered seeing a video once of Oprah coming to Tony’s UPW seminar and walking on the fire. I mean, if Oprah did it, what was my excuse? Homegirl did it. She did it to set an example and I wanted to keep that example going– especially to my own self.

We chanted “yes” all the way from our seats to the hot coals. “Yes” to us overcoming our biggest fears, “yes” to overcoming what we think is impossible.

The secret behind not getting burned, many will say, is in the science. How the ash actually reduces the conduction of heat is one of those explanations. However, I would reckon that the secret of not getting burned is to not fear it, get in a positive mindset and be truly intentional with what you are doing. Ask your body to protect you. It’s kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy; if you focus on getting burned and keep fearing that you will get burned, chances are you will get burned. But thinking positive things and keeping your attention away from the fear of something (like getting burned) will make you accomplish things that you never thought you could!

So, we finally made it down to the coals and I was up to walk on them next. I was ready, but I got suddenly got pretty scared. I placed my right foot on the coals and OUCH, it was HOT; I got a burn. But I instantly, in a heartbeat, changed my mindset, my self beliefs, and was like “I AM DOING THIS, I AM COMMITTING, I DO NOT FEAR THE FIRE– RAWR!!” and pressed my left foot on top of the coals and proceeded to walk. Guess what? IT DIDN’T BURN! It WASN’T HOT! How crazy was that?! It felt like walking on cold grass and, before I knew it, I was done. I DID IT!! The staff all made me jump up and down, cheering my success! I actually did it. Say whaaa. I, Loren, walked on hot coals. Put that on my résumé.

Honestly, I did get a little bit of a burn on the bottom of my right foot afterwards from that first step. But nothing on my left. Science can have its way with explanations, but I’m more of an emotional and physical believer. Walking on that fire meant something to me. I actually tried it and, in a moment of crisis, changed my thinking and succeeded in achieving what I once thought was impossible. It was a moment that made me prove to myself that I was stronger than I gave myself credit for; it was a moment I will never forget.

The next three days were just like this– minus the hot coals, but filled with more deep conquering exercises, mostly comprised of meditation, and totally filled with more rave music AT BLAST (they make sure to keep it FUN). Learning, listening, partying, meeting new people and being told that you are just SO kick ass was what this seminar was all about. We focused on ourselves, our goals and wishes in life, our health and, if we had a business, how to maximize it. The whole experience, at about 52 hours of working on YOU (talk about total immersion), can be summarized with the one word: amazing.

It makes you wonder, what else in life can you accomplish that you thought was impossible before? If you can walk on fire, what other things are out there for you to just break through?


Part three in this series is up next!

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