New Journey: Getting My Yoga Certification!

Yes, you read that title right: yoga certification.  Friends, I’m doing yoga teacher training!  Me!

Now, I haven’t been practicing yoga for that long -just short of one year to be exact- but the thought of getting my yoga certification was something that crossed my mind every now and then.  I always dismissed it, though, because I didn’t think I could make that time & energy commitment.  Not only that, but I didn’t really believe myself to be disciplined enough.

Interestingly, though, I have had quite a few friends, family members, and even strangers come up to me and tell me that I should become certified and teach.  Their faith in me made me really take another look inside myself and try to see what it was that they saw: passion and bravery.  A couple of months ago I laughed the idea off, but today, I’ve actually decided to embrace it!

Yoga has been a big part of my anxiety recovery.  Okay, okay, let me count the ways 🙂

  • It has given me the discipline I need to make myself stop and think about me and how that makes me feel (very important!)
  • It makes you realize that your body is a hard working machine that needs hard working rest, grounding, and balance (we are not robots!)
  • It makes you think twice about what you are feeding your body, because you kind of learn that food has a purpose (food is for energy).
  • It helps teach us how to properly breathe (vast majority of us don’t know how to) which is helpful when in a panic mode
  • It teaches us that by being kind to our bodies, we are ultimately being kind to our minds.  And once you are kind to your mind and learn how to better control it, you make smarter, efficient decisions about, well, almost anything! (Stress is reduced, significantly)
  • It teaches us how to give and take energies from the universe and make the most of it for our own healing (“I need nature” is something I say often, but that’s because the energy in trees, water, etc. is a positive one… think about that)
While I may be going for teacher training, I have to put this out there: I am doing this first and foremost for me.  If I sound selfish, I’m sorry… but not sorry!  I need a ‘retreat’ to take care of myself and focus on being the best me possible.  In turn, with the certification, it can then help me help others on their road of being their best self possible.  But what is help if the one giving isn’t all there?
It’s definitely a give and take and I see it two ways:
  1. Take and Give: take the courses and give/share knowledge with friends & loved ones.
  2. Give and Take: Give discipline, peace, and knowledge to my body and take the benefits of a more relaxed and peaceful mind.
This week begins my 3-month intense journey (14 hours during weekends, 200 hours total is intense!) and I will be sharing with you here and there my learnings, progress and, I’m sure, struggles along the way.
I am a little nervous because it is a really big time, energy, and focus commitment.  But, I know that in the end, I will walk away learning more about myself and be on the road to a healthier, happier me. So… here we go!
Namaste 🙂