Your Vegan Food Guide: Louisville, Kentucky

vegan food louisville kentucky

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Louisville, Kentucky a couple of times this year and, as someone who eats plant-based / vegan, I was so happy to find that there were many options out there for me to feast upon!

Now, I’ve tried so many more places than what I have listed below, but if you know how we roll around here, I only share things that I would honestly recommend!

And on that note, let’s get to the restaurants with a list below! Bon appetit!

*psst: click on the name of the restaurant for a direct link there ;)*

Naive Kitchen & Bar

General. Tso’s. Caulifower (vegan). Absolutely delicious. Oh, and their CBD Fudge Brownie (vegan) (omg, YUM!) Although Naive isn’t 100% vegan, they do offer a few things on their menu that is vegan, which makes it a nice choice if you’re in a group with people who aren’t! There is something for everyone :). They have a lunch menu, dinner menu and brunch menu. Make sure to make reservations for dinner & brunch, especially!

La Bodeguita De Mima Cuban Restaurant

Vegan items are limited here, but I have it on the list because the ambiance is just so fun! With its funky decor and great vibe, La Bodeguita makes you feel like you’ve been transported to Cuba! The bar inside is a fun space and, if you’re feeling like doing some al fresco dining, the porch has a few tables, but do check out the back patio — just so fun! Reservations are strongly encouraged as this place is poppin’ on a normal weeknight!

Ramsi’s Cafe on the World

This place is very well-named because it literally has a dish from around the world it seems! Their Jamaican Jerk Tofu dish was just *chef’s kiss* as well as their samosas. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, though this place was currently undergoing some rennovations when I last passed by, but call and check in if they are open again. Reservations also highly recommended.

Blossom Bar

I will make the drive here for this natural market that has two wonderful things inside: a smoothie/juice bar and a little fridge of delicious vegan food from the local Half-Peach Bakery & Cafe. Oh, who am I kidding: everything inside is wonderful. Sage sticks? Check. Aromatherapy? Check. Fresh Fruits and Veggies? Check and check.

My absolute favorite thing here is the Chocolate Maca Magic Smoothie; I substitute it with a plant-based protein powder. You cannot go wrong with anything, to be honest!

Noche Mexican BBQ

It’s not every day that you get to eat inside a historic cathedral-turned-restaurant. As you step inside, the let the original stained glass windows and large painting of a woman dressed for Dia de Los Muertes greet you in the main room. I must mention that the portions here are HUGE. Vegan nachos and vegan tacos await!

Queen of Sheeba Ethiopian Restaurant

Truly one of my favorite places in the Louisville area (I’ve eaten here many times!). Come here for authentic Ethiopian food. I promise, it is well worth the drive. The injera is fresh and the food is seasoned so well! Our go-to? The lentil sambusa and then the veggie combination platter for two. Greens, legumes, salad — YUM! Also, yes. It is *very* filling!

Tandoori Fusion – Indiant Restaurant

Okay, this one may be a bit further out, but I *love* this place. I think it’s my favorite Indian restaurant I’ve ever eaten at. The food is absolutely authentic and delicious. They have vegan options and if there is something on there that isn’t *100%* vegan (maybe a yoghurt sauce), they will usually accommodate to make it so; VERY nice! We’ve had so many of their dishes, I’ve lost count! You honestly can’t go wrong with anything here!

In Season

Whenever I was craving a nice, flavourful and nutritious bowl, I would head to In Season. Though they are only open for just a few hours during the week, I could imagine them selling out as all of their ingredients come from their own farms. Yup, that’s right; they pretty much grow everything you are eating! Farm to table? Yes, please! You can either make your own rice bowl or salad bowl and fill it up with fresh veggies. Pair it off with some of their delicious vinagrettes and you have a lunch that will keep you going strong through the afternoon! They have indoor seating, but I always loved grabbing something from here and heading to the water or nearby park.

Dragon King’s Daughter

If you’re looking for some fresh, vegan sushi that goes past your regular avocado roll, look no further! Dragon King’s Daughter has some very unique vegan sushi on their menu (as well as other appetizers!). Limited outdoor seating on the sidewalk, but lots indoors!

Steel City Pops

We all crave that refreshing, fruity little bit of ice to cool us down from time-to-time, yes? Well, for the best popsicles, head to Steel City Pops. Now, they have vegan and non-vegan flavours (making it greta if you are with a group of mixed dietary preferences). From strawberry, blood orange, to Arnold Palmer and Strawberry-Mango-Pineapple, you will probably find it hard to choose what to get! But, no fear: they have little baggies that keep your pops frozen for a bit that you can take away with you, should you want to take them back to your place or drop them off to a friend not too far away :).

Let me know if this guide was helpful with a comment below! šŸ™‚ (Always appreciated! ^_^).


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